Findoor App

At Glitzi we worked in a pivot that we called Findoor, a project that we created to compete with the main product’s company to test market fit as well as exploring new possibilities. This idea came from a lot of focus groups that Glitzi led to understand what users were saying and we figured that would be an interesting move to do so.

It was very interesting and challenging, working very fast to launch this first version at the time the develop team created using VueJS the lowest cost x benefit that we could effort.

Our goals trying to reach a market fit also led us to explore new target using the same logic to connect professionals to services.

After launched we started follow up with users to check the how well it went, discovering even more about early adapters with different user personas.

At the first launch we only let the product with a possibility to share their professional profile with their clients and do an appointment.

Later we created an interface web where we could list and sort professionals and start testing premium products focused on professionals as well as implementing gateways for online payment all without client’s register at that time to reduce friction but saving equally data from their appointments to create a useful data based to use it eventually.



  • 2021

  • Glitzi