Glitzi App

I worked at Glitzi a beauty platform where we at the beginning were treating to improve users experience based in their original platform, which was a big challenge, we were very limited so we needed to optimize time and money to create quick wins based on what we already had.

Later on that we start redesign a brand new app where we focused in the best fluid experience, complete different from the original experience static and one only flow. With this solution that we created generate much more dynamic to navigate and explore all the services and professionals available in client’s zone.

Main idea here was lead users to discovery services, find best professionals based on their rate, also improve the address flow, because in Mexico there is a lot of issues for people arrive in the right direction, even using Goggle’s API. So we figured a way to evaluate and mitigate the risk of misunderstanding allowing users to add complementary information using different ways, like text, image and audio.


  • 2021